HAR Motorsports Asphalt Racing Rules


All Weather is generated by iRacing for all races.
Setups – Fixed Setup
Custom Numbers – On
Fast Repairs – 1
Lukcy Dog – On
Wave Arounds – On
All Races Fuel Load Max Fill 75%
All Races At 75% Length
Races Have 90 Minute Timer

Race Format

Practice Session – 20 Minutes
Qualifying – 10 Minutes – 2 Laps – Best Timed Lap
Race – 75% Length or 90 Minute Timer Whichever Comes First.

Race Rules

1. All racers must attend drivers meeting.
1A. Keep chatter down during qualifying and race sessions.
1B. No callouts in voice chat – Automatic Removal (1 Warning At Admin discretion.)
1C. If less than 3 cars register for an event, the race will be considered a rain out.
1D. At that point, sessions will be advanced, results file will be pulled and drivers appearing will be rewarded 10 show up points.
2. All starts on server green flag. Any jumps will be a 5 Second hold in pit road.
3. Cautions – Initial contact causing caution results in an EOL Penalty.
3A. Any restart you must stay in line until the flag stand and/or start/finish line.
4. All drivers must signal their pit in and pit out via iRacing Chat. It is your job to be heard and everyone else to listen.
4A. Pit Lane – Stay on the right side of the pit lane when coming in and exiting. (Drivers may stagger as needed, Nothing drastic. Anything deemed unnecessary will warrant a green flag drive through. With that being said give yourself room so you can see your board/box. (Drivers may arch in a max of 3 boxes out. Disqualification will be handed out by iRacing if you fail to serve the admin issued penalty.
5. All speeding and unsafe pit road exit penalties will be served during qualifying and race conditions. (During the practice session, if you wish to have these cleared by an admin call it out. They will not be cleared during a race session unless a glitch happens in the sim that is noticeable by race control.
6. Having a run on the field on big tracks on a restart due to wave around. Driver must break speed and rejoin at the back of the field just enough momentum to stay in line until after the flag stand or start/finish line.
7. If a race is to end under caution, Make sure to wait until the pace car returns to pit road to begin your celebration or exit the race track.
8. Ping – Netcode – Race control has the right to park any driver whose netcode gets completely out of control to enhance the racing quality for the community. 9. Protest – Their is a protest form on the website. You may handle any issues from the race their. Also you may feel free to contact an admin in teamspeak and ask to be moved to the race hauler lobby to chat with an admin their. Or you may be asked to move you and the driver you are having problems with to a private channel where you can attempt to settle your differences their as well. 9A. Any arguing or viccering in the race channels will result in removal from the current event no matter how vague it may be.
10. Any Beef brought from other leagues/Personal Issues will result in all parties involved being parked. It will not be tolerated. You will respect eachother and race clean.

Points Layout – Bonus – Penalties

Race Points
1st – 150
2nd – 140
3rd – 130
4th – 120
5th – 110
6th – 100
7th – 96
8th – 92
9th – 88
10th – 84
11th – 82
12th – 80
13th – 78
14th – 76
15th – 73
16th – 70
17th – 68
18th – 66
19th – 64
20th – 62
21st – 60
22nd – 58
23rd – 56
24th – 54
25th – 52
26th – 50
27th – 48
28th – 46
29th – 44
30th – 42
31st – 40
32nd – 38
33rd – 36
34th – 34
35th – 32
36th – 30

Bounty – 2 Wins 10 Points – Each one after that is 5 points more/races won. Anyone who finished in front of bounty driver as long as they aren’t wrecked out will recieve the bounty.
Race Winner – 3 Points
Most Positions Gained – 1
Led One Or More Laps – 1
Lead most laps – 2

Incident Points – Minus 3 Standings Points Per 1x Incident.