HAR Motorsports Rule Book

HAR General Rules

Be respectful, just treat others the way you want to be treated.
You can joke around and have fun, just be considerate.
Keep talking to a minimum during race sessions so admins may communicate.
If you have an issue, notify an admin so we may address the situation.
Were here to have fun and race competitively but mainly have fun, lets keep it that way.


HAR Pre-Race Rules

If less than 3 Cars show up to any league night the race will be considered a rainout.
We will advance through all sessions, pull the result file and all drivers present in the results file will receive 10 points.


HAR Racing Voice/Text Chat Rules

Teamspeak/iRacing Chat
Driver’s competing in a series must be in teamspeak or have a working mic and be able to hear in order to race.
All driver’s not in teamspeak or fail to have a working microphone that are in the racing server will be removed.
Driver’s meeting will happen prior to qualifying.
Keep talking to a minimum during qualifying and race sessions so admins may communicate as needed and others can focus.
No typing in the Teamspeak/iRacing chat box during qualifying or race sessions.
No voice activation setting during races in Teamspeak.

During Green Flag Race Sessions
No talking or typing in the chat box during qualifying.
No typing in the chat box during the race unless you are calling out a penalty.


HAR League Racing Rules

1. Race the other driver the way you want to be raced. Dirty driving will not be tolerated. Racing Deals Happen.
Admin Decisions Will Be Final But May Be Protested One Time Per Incident. If you feel someone has committed a racing foul, send us a protest submission within 24 hours of the race via form on our website.
We race for fun, and with everyone’s help, we will continue to do so!! Any protest sent outside the 24 hour window will be viewed but will not reflect on race results. (A warning maybe issued) Severity will be a factor.

2. If you miss a grid you must wait until an admin clears you to leave the pits.
A. Race Begins When The Leader Goes Once The Pace Truck Leaves The Racing Surface.
B. No Lane Changing Before The Flag Stand.
C. No Passing In Your Lane Before The Flag Stand.
C2. Single File Restarts Must Remain In Line Until The Flag Stand. D. Penalties Will Only Be Cleared When The Sim Glitches Or A Penalty Comes Due To An Admin Moving Someone.

3. If you intentionally bring out a yellow flag to benefit yourself or another driver and get caught, you will be suspended for the rest of the current season for the first offense.
Second offense will be permanent league dismissal.
If it’s late in the season and has an effect on the outcome of the points championship it could be treated as a second offense.
A. If their are prizes to be awarded, they will be forfeited.

4. End Of Longest Line Penalties Will Be Given On A Caution Causing Situational Basis.
A. With that being said pay caution when performing slidejobs and crossovers. iracing is far from perfect on hitboxes and netcode issues.
B. If you drive into the corner and your car stalls out in transition to exit the corner and you get hit and the caution comes out, You and the driver that hit you get EOL (Situational Basis)
C. Self Spin Caution EOL
D. Anything Else Not Covered Will Be Admin Discretion If Live. (If not and something protested comes up, We’ll have drivers on a watch list unless more serious offenses come up then it will be league dismissal)
E. Own up to your cautions.
If you feel it was a legitimate racing deal you may stay where the sim puts you and ask us to review it later. If we deem otherwise it will result in a penalty of 2 spots in the final results or a points penalty of 5 points.

5. If the caution is to come out slow down reasonably and pace single file until the sim tells us to double up
A. If we have 3 cautions we will go single file.
B. HAR Motorsports Allows Pitting, However; No Wave Arounds will be administered if you go laps down due to pitting. <br< c.=”” heat=”” race=”” pitting=”” -=”” if=”” you=”” have=”” to=”” pit,=”” no=”” return=”” the=”” track.=”” <br=””>D. Feature Race PittingWhen pitting you will not come out on the track under green flag conditions.
E. If you are found to have recieved a wave around after pitting for losing laps, you will forfeit all points for that event and receive a DNF and disqualify you from any reward put forth by HAR Motorsports.
F. All Lapped Cars Will Be Lined Up At The Back Of The Field.

6. If You are blinking bad you will be asked to park or be kicked depending on the session and accessibility to park the machine.

7. Black Flags
A. Meatballs will be cleared if your car is still controllable, If you are deemed out of control after that you will be removed.
B. Inside Passing Before Start Finish Line Can Be Cleared However Will Be Reviewed Following The Race And Whatever Is Deemed By The Review Team Will Stand. Consequences Will Be Served.

By Joining The League And Entering HAR Motorsports Events, You Are Agreeing To Abide By HAR Motorsports Rules And Procedures. Anyone Found To Be Violating Those Are Subject To Removal